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Meet the Owners!

Paul and Chrissy met when they were both teachers. Paul taught high school as well as coaching swimming and water polo while Chrissy was an elementary school teacher. Paul left education and pursued a marketing and sales career that eventually led to owning his own small business. He worked hard to build strong teams and develop leaders. Chrissy stayed in education, working as a classroom teacher and now as a math instructional coach.

For years they had used vacations to brewery hop around the country, favoring micro-brews that had a relaxing vibe and plenty of choices. After the birth of their son, Theo, they decided it was time to pursue their passions and open a brewery themselves. They now reside in Lockport with their son, Theo, and their black lab rescue, Knox.

So, Why Lockport?

Paul’s family has been in Lockport for generations. Paul’s great-grandparents emigrated to the Lockport/Joliet area around 1900. Paul was raised here, attending Lockport High School and returning to coach/teach after college. After starting a family, they decided to move back to Lockport, a community with good schools and friendly people. They also felt that the community of Lockport was ready for a family-centered business like this. Nik & Ivy Brewing wants to give back to the local community and this is a great way to do that.

Alright, now who is Nick?

Naming a business can be a challenge on so many levels. Do we want to be funny, sweet, family centered? What message do we want to convey? Nik & Ivy brewing got it’s name as many things do; sitting around the family dinner table. Our last name is Ivnik. If you split it in half and turn it around, you get Nik & Ivy. Ivy can grow in the harshest of environments and is constantly climbing, trailing and creeping. It doesn’t hurt that Wrigley Field’s brick wall is covered in it too! We like it and we hope that you do too!

Meet our Head Brewer, Chad Lindahl

Here Are Ten Questions For Chad

A: Oswego
A: I’ve been home brewing 11 or 12 years. Started with a simple kit I bought online and just learning and expanding from there.
A: I was in my early 20s and into craft beer but my budget was tight. Just thought it would be something fun to do and to share something I created.
A: Hard to say, I love the way the mash smells all roasty and chocolatey when doing a stout but I also love the big fresh hop aromas of an IPA.
A: It’s easy to say the beer I’m currently drinking but I tend to go through phases depending on my mood or the season. Every style has its place whether it’s a crisp lager on a hot day or a big stout on a cool fall night sitting around a campfire. Or the other way around, whatever I feel like.
A: I’m more of a Hawks fan than either of them.
A: I had Fat Tire while out in Colorado then started drinking 312 around here before getting into bigger hoppy beers like Sierra Nevada and Modus Hoperandi.
A: I’m a fan of obscure references, it’s like one of those things that the less people that get it the better it is. With that said I always seem to struggle with naming my beers.
A: So many good movies but just 3?
  1. Back to the future trilogy
  2. Pulp Fiction
  3. Jurassic Park
A: I love food whether it’s from a taco truck or a fancy restaurant as long it’s shared with good people.

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